still life

all photos available here
are copyright © 1993-2011
Carl-Magnus Dumell

amsterdam, netherlands
no description
belfast, great britain
no description
copenhagen, denmark
during my first visit to copenhagen i took only one photo ... trough my hotel window. the second time i found inspiration and took one hundred photos in two days.
dakar, senegal
of the 20-something countries i have visited, this one was the most unpleasent in every way. i met more scammers and thieves than i have in a lifetime before. this place makes mongolia seem like western europe. really.
dublin, ireland
no description
geneva, switzerland
no description
pietarsaari, finland
where i was born. a small and religious city up north.
jyväskylä, finland
no description
london, great britain
rainier than usually
los angeles ca, usa
it's not such a bad place. yes, hollywood is a bazaar where tourists are ripped of with worthless memorabilia and santa monica will give you skin cancer but it's not that bad...
malmö, sweden
a city at the southern tip of sweden.
montreux, switzerland
a city by lake geneva.
munich, germany
no description
new york ny, usa
no description
oslo, norway
a beautiful, although slightly boring, city.
paris, france
beautiful place, but these people have got a serious attitude problem regarding languages.
punta cana, dominican republic
no description
reykjavik, iceland
"one of the worlds most exciting places for a young person", wrote newsweek. and indeed it is. unfortunatelly during my first visit it did nothing but rain so there where few photo opportunities.
san francisco ca, usa
ups and downs.
san jose ca, usa
"the capital of silicon valley."
san juan, puerto rico
no description
santo domingo, dominican republic
no description
seattle wa, usa
a prosperous city in the us north-west that feels quite european ... if that can be said about any us city.
shanghai, china
a journey into the future. technology, wealth, powerty and people everywhere.
sheremetyevo airport (moscow), russia
soviet style service and no chairs.
saint louis, senegal
senegals capital during the colonial era. it's landmark is a 500 meter bridge built in 1897 by the eiffel company (yes, the tower guy).
stockholm, sweden
no description
sveaborg / helsinki
sveaborg is an old military fortification on a group of islands just outside down town helsinki.
tallin, estonia
the capital of the former soviet republic estonia is only a 60 minute trip by boat from helsinki. still, it took years before i finally got around to visiting this beautiful city.
tampere, finland
no description
tokyo, japan
different, but not that different.
turku, finland
my home town from the fall of 1993 to the spring of 1998.
ulaanbaatar (ulan bator), mongolia
horrible food.
lake vanajavesi, finland
photos from a cruise on lake vanajavesi during midsummer 2005 with m/s silver moon of finnish silverline.
vancouver bc, canada
they say it is a beautiful city, but i only saw its dark side.
vasa, finland
no description
yvoire, france
a charming little town on the french side of lake geneva with a history that dates back to the romans.