still life

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Carl-Magnus Dumell

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face value
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room mate
my last room mate during my studies in turku.
the first time i saw her i asked if she would pose for me. she did.
g.i. jane
one of my room mates who came to study while waiting to go back to the military.
lost summer
memory from an early sunday morning in a sunny central helsinki 1993
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what do u want?
three young artists from belgrad, serbia, made up the group that was touring finland with their exebition other view during the yoguslavian civil war. in their hands they are holding their yoguslavian passports.
-we where told to call it an exebition against war. but why? of course we are against war, we are ordinary people.
she asked if i wanted to photograph her. for some reason i said i would ... if she shaved her head.
afternoon on a remote beach.